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Lunch with Friends

Recently we celebrated a friend’s birthday at a wonderful local restaurant, I Fratellini. The food was good, as it always is but it’s the conversation I crave and miss when they are gone. We talked about wanting consumables for these occasions, a food gift, a candle something that we can use up. Most of us […]

Hurry Spring Time

As I write this I’m looking out at snow flurries and while we haven’t had the winter that many of our friends around the country have had, I’m officially over it. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and while we don’t sell beer we have plenty of gifts for your table and edibles […]

Almost Fall

I have no idea how we got to the end of September. I have placed all the orders for the Holiday product and it’s arriving daily but I am totally not ready this year. In year’s past I have already scheduled Open Houses, finalized Holiday ads and this year, nothing. I’d very much like a […]


Tis’ the season of Birthdays and Anniversaries in our family. My parents will celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary on Thursday. Let that sink in…you don’t hear that too often anymore. They say it takes a whole lot of patience and communication. I think it also takes commitment and hard work. You get out what you […]