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Hello 2018!

We’ve recovered from a great Holiday Season and survived the bitter cold and are ready to take on 2018. Hope you are thriving wherever you are. Lots of Reps, Vendors and Samples are coming in and we are looking to bring you more of the best this year. Onward!

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We’re having a heat wave in middle America this week and everyone is looking for shade or the air conditioning. Inventory has been completed and we’ve uncrated much of the Christmas inventory, yes, I said Christmas! It has been tagged and boxed for the fall, we are not one of the stores that promotes “Christmas […]

Fall 2016

We’ve gone from the 90’s to the high 50’s in short order and while we bemoaned the endless summer this Fall(?) is a pretty radical change! Boxes upon boxes of new product have been arriving daily and it’s now time to look forward to…dare I say it? Christmas. I hated seeing Facebook posts of stores […]

Hello 2016

I love fresh starts…the Holidays were fantastic but there’s something about a January! This January in particular. The store has been refreshed and I am looking forward to one of the best years ever! Want to come along?

Hurry Spring Time

As I write this I’m looking out at snow flurries and while we haven’t had the winter that many of our friends around the country have had, I’m officially over it. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and while we don’t sell beer we have plenty of gifts for your table and edibles […]

Time flies…

It seems like yesterday when I was writing about graduation and now we come to the end of summer and the time to say goodbye and send them off to college. I would be a lot more sad if I hadn’t been asked to go along and help with the two move ins. So, onward […]

Here we go!

NEW LOOK, NEW LINES, NEW NAME…SAME GREAT SERVICE! $7.95 Flat rate shipping on every order, no matter what it weighs! The store has been “re”stored and restocked so whether you prefer to shop in store or online you are sure to find new treasures for all the people you love to give gifts to! There’s […]

Almost ready!

I’m inching closer to the big announcement of Saint Louis Gifts to my friends, family and my existing customers who, for now, only know about the old website. I am a little nervous as I wonder if they will like it? Is it user friendly? Do I have gifts that people want to give? After […]